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Fog Light Support Snapped



I noticed this a.m. that my passenger side fog light was "droopy". Upon further investigation, I saw that the plastic support on the inside edge was snapped clean through. I don't recall running into any snowbanks, so I am concerned that this is a design flaw. The surrounding plastic bumper appears unmarked. Went to my dealer, have to replace the whole unit (of course), about $125.00 for part and labor.

Has anyone else had this happen, without hitting anything?

Thanks in advance!
I have a similar problem, except mine was probably caused by hitting a snow bank. The bumper right below and off the the side of the lamp is cracked. :7:
Personally I can't see how it could crack or break with out some one taking a bat to it.
I don't have any idea how much this is going to cost, but I hope that it is covered under warranty.

-James R.
I had the same problem. I noticed it a week after I got the truck. I think that something happened during transit, since there were no marks on the bumper or anything else.

Dealer replaced it under warranty.

I dont get it, they use a plastic bumper AND plastic foglight brackets. You'd think they'd use some metal ones so that the thing would hold up if you DID run into something. Anyway, my driver's side foglight is duct taped in place
In the Bumper of the cladded Av the Fog/DRL houseing is screwed on to a bracket that is rivited on to the front bumper.. Mine was shaking So last week I got under it and crazy glued it.. So far it is holding..
my fog light bracket snapped after bumping into a pole.

duct tape  :0:  problem will be fixed tomorrow!
sonfour said:
about $125.00 for part and labor.

The only known design flaw in the fog lights is some of the models will fog up get moisture inside them. GM was fixing this with silicone. Other than that they are a good proguct. If you want to save yourself a couple of bucks. You can install the fog light yourself. All it takes is an 8mm socket and about 10 minutes of your time.
My drivers side light busted, part of the bracket just disappeared! The dealer would not warranty it  :E: so I bought an aftermarket unit off of e-bay for 1/2 the cost of the GM part. Took about 10 minutes to install.
Intimidatoruag said:
so how did you get the old light off? ... I want to take mine apart and clean them ... and also add strobes to them ....

From what I gather from this Thread... the best way to get-em off is to hit a snow bank or a pole  >:D
Intimidatoruag said:
so how did you get the old light off? ... I want to take mine apart and clean them ... and also add strobes to them ....

There are 4 8mm/5/16 head bolts holding the bracket onto the cladding. The top left & right ones are a little bit of a pain but not too bad.
My passenger side bracket snapped long ago (again probably from hitting a snowbank).  The dealership 'fixed' it by gluing it back together.  Broke again soon after (no snowbank this time).  I ended up taking it off and fixing the bracket by making up some aluminum pieces to strengthen the bracket and rivetting them on.  BTW, I could tell that the dealership tried smearing some glue on the surface without ever taking the bracket apart.  It has held like a chearm ever since.