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Fog Lights Are Fogged Up

Much has been written on this subject to date. Perform a search using key words "fog lights". seems that everyone and each dealer handles this a bit differently.
Seems to be a common problem. I had my right one replaced under warranty - the service manager said it was the 2d one he'd had to replace.

(The good news is that he also told me "we just don't see any Avalanches in here for warranty work or unscheduled service..")
:8:Both of my fog lights were fogged up at seperate times. The cause was a crack in each of them at the top inside corner. I used some plastix glue and problem solved. >:D
Try this...take the light assembly out and bring it inside and let it dry out....then reinstall...install bulbs properly so they seal and see what happens...if it gets wet inside again...take it to dealer for new one.
I also have this problem and I just got my avalanche. Since its so new, I'd rather not begin gluing on the lights, I just wasn't sure this was something that the dealership would take care of for me. :0: :0:
Thanks for the info guys. I really appreciate it.
I had my right one replaced also. The dealer will probably have to order it, but it doesn't take long to install. Also, GM is cracking down on suppliers quality. They said one of the worst is guide which makes the fog/drl assemblies. :B:
I had this problem on the passenger's side a couple weeks ago. Took it to a nearby dealership and was told that unless there is actual water inside the lens housing, they would not replace it citing something for fear of being audit by GM.

I told them I will bring it back with a goldfish swimming in it >:D

Or may be I can try a different dealership. What do you think?
if anybody needs a set of fog lamps... new ones... got a pair for cheap. >:D

- i'm not joking ether.

BIGRED_Z-71 said:
if anybody needs a set of fog lamps... new ones... ?got a pair for cheap. ?>:D

- i'm not joking ether.

Ok red, what are you going to put in there? >:D