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fort wayne


New Member
Jun 22, 2007
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804
:cheers  Hi everyone I'm new to the site I looked around and didn't see anything about the fort.  I was wondering how many of you live in fort Wayne or nearby and if any GTG have been planned or are  in the works i would be interested in attending one.
:wave: medicman,  :welcome: to the club and enjoy, as a matter of fact there is a GTG coming up in Aug in Owosso Michigan, we were there a few weeks ago with the Mich crew and had a blast, check it out.

:welcome: We had a GTG there a couple of years ago, there are no members there any longer that I am aware of.......EXCEPT YOU! We have been slacking lately but we used to have monthly Eat & Greets. The Nationals are coming up starting on July the 21st, maybe we can get the local GTG's going after they are over.

Michigan is getting very active and we have some Indiana members traveling up there to GTG's, you might want to check their threads.

I'm in Van Wert, Ohio...we go to Fort Wayne all the time.  I would also be interested in a Fort Wayne meeting.  :D
I'm from The Fort. ?I've had my ride about 2 months now. ?Looks like we have the same color truck. ?

Edit: Ok, i'm blind, mines dark green, and i read that your's is black, haha