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Four Wheel Drive Survey Is Closed


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Well, it seems we have a lot of members willing to go off-road in their Avalanches. This survey ran for far too long, my bad but here are the results. Over 69% of you were willing to go off-road. Another 14% were willing to tackle dirt roads or fields with less than 17% willing to keep all four on asphalt only.

I'll do some off-road or beach driving: 19.70%

Roads - I don't need no stinking roads: 17.64%

How do you get an Avalanche out of a tree: 16.03%

Fire roads - sand dunes, let me at them: 13.52%

A dirt road is as far as I'll go: 12.44%

No way am I doing that: 10.56%

I had to park on the side of the road once: 5.91%

First Avalanche over the Rubicon is mine: 2.33%

There is this field I know: 1.88%

Total Votes: 1117
Great turnout of members who do intend on taking the Av offroading....thus providing great results....So far it's been only trails for me..haven't had the opportunity to really go offroad..and since I've had no experience in offroading before..I'm afraid I would damage something on undercarraige... :B: