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FOW: Black Riding 23"ers

Sure looks like a pic that was posted here a few weeks ago. I think in the thread about 23's....the owner of this rig owns a tire shop if it's the same one...
The owner of the tire shop had 24's and had 26's on order. I don't know if this is the guy though.
IMHO, no offense to anyone but I think that's a little too much wheel and too little tire. Looks like something you'd see on a bicycle. IMHO the wheels are fine but trucks should have thicker tires.

Thats the Weirdest-lookin, latin-lover-mobile ive seen so far. I can just picture the owner : greased up ponytail, sleeveless shirt, about 5 lbs of gold chains, and red spandex shorts.

I know , I know , ?To each his own? yadda , yadda , yadda...

There isn't enough tire there. Now, if that was Jacked up and had some HUGE tires on it, it would look better. I like the Rim Design, but common, these aren't Vette's.

That would be OK on a Vette. Corner like on a rail then.

I am looking into new rims, but, thinking maybe 20's.

I like my Factory 17's, but would like larger tires to fill the Wheel Well. Too much gap there.

This is what I want to do. I want to have my original rims dipped in chrome, have wider tires mounted on them, and lower the ride about 2 inches. I think that would look nice.

I don't know if it is possible to do all that, but a guy can dream......right!?!?
I have to agree with several here: there's not enough rubber, it looks out of place. Yeah, I know they're a lot bigger, but the proportion of rubber to wheel reminds me of the thin solid rubber tires you see on a forklift truck.

I can think of a buch of hot sports cars those tires would look good on, but I think a truck like ours needs big meaty tires! :cool:

-- SS
Wiki, I have seen some avalanche wheels that were chromed on e-bay before, and they do look good!! There are lots of guys chroming the escalade 17" wheels right now. Here is a pic of one. What do you think?

Now those look nice Snowslide, but, I think on a stock AV, you need larger tires to fill all the space in the wheelwell.
I relly like the size of Tire/Wheel combination that GOO has on his AV
I agree a 40 or 50 series tire has too litttle sidewall. But I also don't want to put a huge tire on to fill up the wheelwell. I have no desire to go "Offroad" so I prefer a 60 series, 18" to 20" and a 2/4 or 3/5 drop. Still wouldn't look like a lowrider.
mmdavidw said:
IMHO, no offense to anyone but I think that's a little too much wheel and too little tire...

I agree. The AV was built to be used hard and I doubt those rims could hold up. Ya' gotta put the right combination under it so you can air down for the trails.