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Free Cold Air


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Apr 18, 2002
Chandler, AZ.
My wife had found kind of an interesting thing with in the air ventilation system on our Av.

Try this, and let me know how it works for you.

If you are using the air vent system, and are required to have the 'A/C' button on, in order to get it nice and cool (like we are here in the current 110 deg heat), once the cabin is at a nice comfortable temperature, click off the 'A/C' button, but make sure you have the 'Recirculate' button lit up. You should continue the feel air very close to the same temperature as it was before you turned off the A/C compressor.

What we have found, by reading, and experimenting, is that by turning off the a/c, you are in sense turning off the power/gas mileage robbing air compressor.
But the greatest part is, that by using the 'Recirculate' button, you are using the already cooled air from the cabin. The owner's manual says it brings in very little outside air back into the system. Thus, very little to no hot air back into the cabin.
This is the best recirculating air system I have ever seen.
And the final blow (pun intended) is that the air coming through the vents stays cold for a very long time. So you can go long periods without having to use the compressor. I
n our travels so far, we have not driven any longer than 2 hours. So that is as long as we have been able to test it out.

Now please note, I did not say free 'air conditioning' in the subject, as that would be an incorrect statement.
As stated in the owner’s manual and other places, air that is ‘conditioned’, is both cooled and de-humidified.
Using the method I described above does neither.
It does however, keep the cold air already in the cabin, cool as it circulates it again and again.

Also, as a side note, since, most of the time the air outside will be warmer than the inside of the cabin, I would expect that even when you run the air conditioner compressor, it would run more efficiently using the recirculated air, over using the outside air as the source.

Hey, any time you can boost the performance and economy of this beast, while keeping up the luxury, I'm all for it.

Let us know if you get the same results as I do.

We're just here roasting in the 110 Arizona heat, and we probably have another 10 degrees to go baby.

Someone pass me the bacon and eggs, I see a sidewalk good for cookin'. ;D

I've discovered basically the same thing, although I've found that the recirculated air is only good for about 30-40 min before I need to kick the compressor back on for a bit... guess it depends on how arctic you get the cabin to begin with and how much heat you're willing to tolerate. Although it's only 107 down here today (I think), I feel your pain! All praise the Polar Bear AC in these trucks!
I haven't tried this trick, but did have to turn on the A/C today...it got to about 90 and was just way to humid to tolerate.....besides the dog will get car sick if he doesn't get fresh air so to speak....

I have to give it to Chevy...it didn't take long to cool off the cabin and keep in cool... :B: