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Friday Night Before the MEGA Meet GTG!


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Feb 15, 2002
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Lets GTG Friday Night Before the MEGA Meet!
Stop by and join us for Dinner or Dessert!
When:? Friday Night, September 14, 2007
Time: Anytime between 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Where: Sonic Drive In
1632 N. Lemon Street ~ Anaheim, CA. 92801

:B: sparqui
:B: wind4power
:B: 04AVfan
:B: wine-rAV
:B: PunkAV
:B: 2shrp4u
:B: NVBigDogs
:B: supermoblie
:B: gargoyleman & 17 kids
:B: teksavy
:B: Lockout
:B: rangercliff
:B: amd1600mp
:B: Az-Spoiled-Wife
:B: ajk2000
:B: PaulsAV

Everyone loves SONIC... Who is planning on coming to the evenings event?
I will start off the list...

SPARQUI (+3) - Should be there around 6:30pm (y)

Cindy, maybe you could start the list in the first post :love:
Mr. and Mrs. Supermobile will be there.

Wont be long now!
Getting closer!
Hey, we are new to the scene and hope to meet some of you all. We are gonna try to make it to Sonic, but comin' from Havasu might not make it till 7-8. Have to work.
Rangercliff - I will PM you my cell phone # so you can see where we are at when you get in. Then you can hook up with us and meet the Arizona group, and everyone else!

Thanks to all for your welcoming post. Really appreciate it! Not sure if we will be able to come to Cal. I will call you 04avfan(Nick) to let you know
PaulsAv said:
I am pretty sure I will be fri. nite as well

Paul - really looking forward to seeing you again! First shakes on me!

I hope to be there for the 2nd round.. ;)

Sorry, I won't be able to make it to the pre-GTG dinner. I have to be at my alma mater to either take pics or help announce the football game. Last week they ran over Rosemead 35-0.