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Front Bumper Cover Fit And Finish


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Jan 28, 2002
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<Carried this over from the thread: "Second guessing my Avalanche purchase" which describes a problem with the front bumper cover flaring out from wheel wells>

I have the same problem, but it's only on the left side. The dealer is sending me to a larger GM dealer (they have a body shop) who will loosen the bumper cover, reposition and tighten.

The guy on the phone indicated he's scheduling these repairs for the 19th and 20th of next week, which made it sound like a common issue.

I'll report back next Wednesday night.
Please do... I am curious. I bet they take the fender well lining out and there is a screw hidden behind there somewhere.
I was just at the dealer and told them about the front bumper cover fit flarring out on the right side wheel well and they looked at it and ordered me a new front bumper.
Well, it'll take a new piece for me as well. The body shop wasn't able to get it repositioned to make it fit properly. It might be a little better, but not much. Below is the "before" picture. The "after" picture is pretty much the same.
I have it too, both sides :cry:

I think its a glue/stickum issue, not a screw issue. But if Chevy cannot fix it, I might have to make it a screw issue. Will advise.

My first flaw :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Man this place is awesome. I noticed that very same thing on the Front Bumper Cover. I pushed on it to see if there was any give. There wasn't any. I then figured that this is the way it is supposed to be. It doesn't really bother me to tell you the truth.
I have this same issue....It doesn't really bother me, but if ti gets any worse, I will take it in. It just happens that I hava gash in my rear bumper cover that they ordered me a new cover for, and I haven't gotten it put on yet. Maybe they can do both at the same time if needed.
I need to replace my front bumper cladding because of cuts and scratches from a fender bender. Does anyone know what the part number would be for the front bumper cover cladding?
If you call the dealer and either get the body shop or parts (probably parts). They can look it up for you. I'm sure they have and illustrated parts break down just like the rest of the vehicles have on their computer.
Add me to the list of dissatisfied owners regarding front bumper fit at the wheel wells. I was looking at mine this weekend, and it's gotten substantially worse on the driver's side. I know this, because there is a small line of wax residue from a wax job about two months ago. That line has moved away from the sheet metal by about 1/4 to 3/8ths of an inch. The passenger's side is not quite as bad.
I have the same problem with the bumper pulling away. It appears to be the same amount on both sides. I looked at about ten avys that are on the local dealers lot and they all have the same problem. I wonder if the bumbers just aren't molded to the correct shape to match the sheetmetal or is the plastic just distorting over time. I think I'll live with mine for now and hope it doesn't get any worse. :cautious:
Has anyone ever considered the idea that maybe it isn't a problem but rather designed to look that way. I mean if all of ours are all like that isn't that the only conclusion.
DarkEye said:
I need to replace my front bumper cladding because of cuts and scratches from a fender bender. ?Does anyone know what the part number would be for the front bumper cover cladding?
Me too. :-[
Does anyone know if the front cover off the 2500 will bolt up to the 1500. I like the idea of the extra cooling ducts.
invested said:
I was just at the dealer and told them about the front bumper cover fit flarring out on the right side wheel well and they looked at it and ordered me a new front bumper.

Hey, invested,

I just picked up my Av from the service department of the one of the largest chevy dealers on the east coast, and they couldn't fix my bumper cover fit.

Please let me know if your new one fits better and I'll take that info with me to get mine fixed.


had the av in to the dealer for some other work and i mentioned the front bumper cover coming loose on both sides.the service manager had to call gm, they told him that they know about the problem and are trying to figure out a way to fix it.manager said he would call me back when he knows something.thought you would all like to know.i'll keep you updated when i find out more. :rolleyes:
GM will send every AV owner some double sided sticky tape! Hee hee. What are odds they'll see this as a problem they can afford to address, short of glue or a screw? Can you imagine the cost to re-engineer the front bumper assemblies for all of our Av's? Ruinous.

I don't think they did enough research to see how the plastic would respond to the riggers of regular use and the ability to remain rigid (or keep its' form). I think this speaks to the bed panel issue as well as the bumper issue.

At least we're all talking so whatever happens will happen to us all if we choose to complain. Still enjoying mine! (waiting for the hot Texas sun to see what happens!)
WOW! ?I looked for this thread in the Search. ?Finally got it from WRCHISM! ?Thanx, guy! ;)

:8: ?My AVY bumper looks exactly like the one in the photo. ?Therefore, I breezed through the dealer's lot and EVERY SINGLE AVY (5 there) had the bulges! :cry:

Now, I can easily push in in flush the way it is supposed to be. ?Short of using a sheet metal screw, I think I will try an adhesive fix. ?There is no way to clamp it that I can see. ?However, I believe I can wedge a 2X6 between the fender and a brick wall...

I know it's not supposed to be bulging because there is an indentation where it mates up flush quite perfectly!
Not to be the 1000 person to reply to this thread, but I noticed this on my Avy a month after I got it. I thought it was just supposed to be that way. It doesn't look bad but I guess I should keep an eye out for it...

My Camaro had what appeared to be two "dents" on either side of the front bumper cover that were really just the way the cover flared in. Like this but in reverse. Maybe Chevy isn't all that good for consistency...
:eek: I GOT THE FIX :eek:

My AVY celebrated her 1 mo. birthday at my house. I decided to try to fix the "bumper bulge" on both sides without using set screws.

After this post, I guess I'll buy a little stock in J-B WELD.

How I did it:

1) I bought 2 part epoxy call J-B WELD... They claim it will repair engine blocks.

2) I mixed up a small amount and applied it under the bumper cover with a toothpick. It says the paint is to be removed and a rough surface, which I did NOT do.

3) I parked next to a wall and "clamped" (wedged) the bumper bulge absolutely flush with the fender using a 2x2.

4) It takes 15 HOURS to cure!!! So, I did both sides, and rode my bike. My AVY is my only vehicle right now.

5) I just removed the 2x2 and the "bulge" (flaring) is GONE! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D The bumper is flush just exactly like the ones on the rear wheel wells!!! ;D

It's really "welded" on! I tried to pull it out and it's stuck forever! When I was buying the J-B Weld at the store, a guy was there and warned me, "Once that stuff cures, you'll have to cut it with a Sawzall!"

Anyway, if anyone is near central Oregon and wants me to fix their flaring/bulging fender, I'll be happy to do it. Perhaps I could get some help putting in the steering wheel audio controls... :D

If you do this "repair" in your garage, be careful where you wedge the 2x2 as it will go right through the drywall! LOL :rolleyes:

:B: My truck finally looks like NEW!!! :B:

:) ;) :D ;D :2: I'll try to borrow a digital camera and post the results!
Hey Avynut . . glad to be of assistance in finding this thread.

And . . . I like your fix - time to search out some JB Weld. Now, if I can find a way to fix a scratch that I put on the front bumper - then my truck will look new too!

Post a pic if you get a chance!

I wonder if GM will give me a job in DESIGN FLAW repairs! I retired at 45 (sorta) and am looking for a "fun" job...

JOB = 3 letter word. :B:

OK, WR...

I'll try to borrow a digital camera to post a pic.

BTW... That J-B Weld is available at Wal-Mart. Can you
believe it?

I forgot to mention, when you are putting on the epoxy, hold the bumper out a bit with a screwdriver so you can get a good amount of the stuff in the crevice.

:love: Just went out in the sun and looked at my AVY again! :love:

:B: The fit of the front bumper is PERFECT now!!! :B:
:love: Update: Took my AV light 4-wheelin' today in Oregon. There obviously was a little flex on the front bumper but the repair held. Both sides are still flush.

Anybody know the stock symbol for J B Weld ???

Hey AvyNut. I was playin with the bumper part that sticks out and I noticed a little give. I pushed a little harder and it went in a little more. Finally I pushed in hard enough to line it up where it should be and the bumper part right before the curve to where it would become the front of the truck popped out about 1/4 inch. I almost sh*t myself because I thought I broke it. I let off all pressure and the cladding part right before the curve fell right back into position. Thank God. I think I am going to leave it alone for now. If it gets worse I will raise hell at the dealership.
AVYNUT said:
Anybody know the stock symbol for J B Weld ????

It appears that they are a privately held company, but you might be able to work out an investment deal with the owners. ;D ;D ;D

JB Weld Company Limited
Unit 3 Polygon Business Centre, Blackthorne Road,
Poyle Trading Estate, Colnbrook, Slough
Berkshire SL3 0TP England
Telephone +44 (0) 1753 683311
Fax +44 (0) 1753 681419