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Front Differential Leaking....


SM 2003
Full Member
Sep 23, 2002
Chicago Far Northern Suburbs
Thought i'd post my experience with my 2002 av regarding oil leaking from front diff, i noticed that i alway smelled oil burning on somthing every time i parked the av in the garage, i investigated and found the the black round fill/servo access cover loose(has rubber air vent line and will need to remove left front wheel for easy access to this cover through wheel well) and also found orange RTV (silicone) on the threads along with a O-ring, i'm pretty sure that O-rings and RTV are not supposed the be used together. I cleaned RTV off the threads on diff housing and cover, cleaned O-ring and refilled the diff housing (which required two quarts if i remeber correctly) and replaced cover with O-ring, the leak never occurred again.