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Front end noise


SM 2007
Full Member
Jan 4, 2007
Gulfport Florida
I have a clunking sound coming from my front end while turning in or out of my driveway and notice it sometimes when driving slow over a bump.  ??? Any suggestions? 04-Z66
there is a new intermediate steering shaft just released that should cure this for you
? just took mine in today for the same problem, and an alignment.? i got a clunking noise on the driver's side when i hit bumps, or drove over speed bumps.? occasionally i would hear it when i turned; mostly turning over a bump/ hump.  i also would occasionally feel it in the steering wheel.

? ?i got just over 39k on my '04 Z-71.? dealer called me this afternoon to tell me they were going to fix the bad steering shaft under warranty.? sweet.? kinda glad i did not vent my frustrations when i was there about the cr@ppy repair work to my '04 Trailblazer.? when they replaced the steering knuckle they did not replace the broken clip that holds the ABS sensor cable to the upper control arm.? apparently they broke it removing it from the damaged knuckle.?

? ?while in for repairs i decided to have them upgrade the wheels to the Trailblazer SS 20in. wheels.? of course with that wire dangling it was much closer to the larger tire that was installed.? also, they broke one of the two retaining clips that holds the rotor in place.? when i removed the tire i saw that the clip was cut, and re-installed.

? ?i called them that day to have my buddy order each item for me to install.? oh yeah, i was in the process of replacing the brake pads when i noticed all this.? after all that the pads were fine.? i just cleaned everything up, and put some brake grease on all the moving parts.? it was dirty, and very dry in there.? the wear indicator was nowhere near the rotor.