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Front End Snap Or Pop...


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Jun 5, 2002
Douglas, MA
Hey guys, it's been a while... :)

Over the last week or so my truck has been making a horrible pop or snap from the front end. ?I can feel it in the floor, and it sounds like it's coming from the drivers side.


The conditions:

-It always happens at low speeds.

-It almost always happens during one of the following:

A: when the wheel is turned to the left in any manner. ?I could have it tilted to the side a few inches, or going for full lock to make a U-turn.

B: just after moderate braking, and then applying the throttle (in any manner)

C: ?turning left into a bumpy parking lot or driveway.

D: ?and of course any combination of A, B and C.


I have kept up with ALL of the grease fittings. ?The truck just has about 13K miles now. ?No obvious fluid/grease leaks in the front diff, or CV joints.

The only thing I've got my greasy hands into even moderately near the front end was when about two weeks ago I rotated the tires. ?I jacked the truck up by the frame, and did not go anywhere near steering or suspension parts. ?Lug nuts are torqued to 120ft/lbs with an honest-to-goodness torque wrench.

No off roading (other than light duning), no running over Yugo's...

I have a bad feeling I have a ball joint signing off VERY early. ?The earliest I've heard of Chevy's notorious ball joints crapping out was ~20K.

Any idea's?! ? ???

I appreciate it! ?(y)

(ps, I ran some searches... and nothing?)


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Jan 17, 2002
Bourbon St. Balcony
check a thread started by the chief....there are some others...look for the ones with noise in front end or similar


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Aug 12, 2002
Newport News, Va
? had the same problem until i took the truck in. ?they actually fixed it the first time in.
? my service write up says they had to call GM. ?the GM tech told them to install shims between the crossmember and the left lower control arm bracket. ?the bolts had to be heated and pushed through the shims.
? this is a quote word for word off my write-up/receipt. ?funny thing is not only did the popping noise go away, but the truck seem to ride smoother.
? goodluck! :B:


Full Member
Aug 12, 2002
Newport News, Va
checkout "Low Speed Thumping..." post. i think you will find some good info there as well. i think this is where i originally posted problem/solution info.


I had the same problem and it was a loose body mount. 20 minutes and I was out, problem resolved.