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Front License Plate Attachment?


SM 2003
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Jul 26, 2002
Auburn Hills, MI
What do you guys do for attaching a license/vanity plate to the front of your Av? My dealer didnt have a mtg kit for a front plate, and recommended just bolting it to the front fascia? Isn't there a better looking method to use? Or a p/n already set up to buy? Help!

see ya
Mine had those little clips installed in the front.....

Maybe you could drill a hole and put a nut behind?
Mine already had the holes in the front bumper cladding for the required Colorado front plate - no nylon nuts or anything - just threaded into the cladding. If I'm not mistaken, I think that there a couple of little dimples in the front bumper cladding to show you where to drill. Just drill smallish (1/8 inch or so) holes and self tap the plate screws into the cladding. Add a plate frame if you want to dress it up a bit - it'll probably look better than any mounting bracket will look.
Mine too. Just two holes drilled in the cladding.
I got a frame with a clear cover over it.
Added two more holes and bolted it on.
Whala! (y)
Virginia requires front plates also so mine already had a mounting kit there. ?Like wrchrism said, it doesn't seem like a big deal to punch a few holes and use a bolt there.
Like they all said ;D
There are four small indents in the plastic of the bumper. I did not bother drilling. Just used a flat head to turn in the screws that came with the plate frame I bought at a Canadain Tire (see Walmart with bays)
It has been on since about day one, which was over a year ago, no problem.

Here is a place to see picture if you want,

My plates were already attached when I picked mine up, so it seemed as though the holes were pre-drilled.

-James R. :cool:
There is a license plate bracket for the 2500. I ordered one. about 20 bucks 10 minutes to install with a 3/8 drill bit. All of the hardware was included.
You do have to be careful screwing into plastic. Doesn't take much to strip the threads right out of the holes if you overtighten.
I attached mine with those Green LED screws (4 of them). Looks very cool. Wired them to the parking lights so they only come on when the lights are on.

Used 2 red ones for the rear upper screw holes. Wouldn't do any good to put 2 more on the lower because they would have been hidden by the bumper.
I have an AZ Flag plate ... I didn't know how long I wanted a plate there, so I wiped the area down with alcohol, and put 4ea. 2" by 4" industrial velcro, and affixed the plate that way ... No holes, tight as a drum...

My 03 came with an additional frount plate mount. Just a plastic angle type bracket that mounted to the two dimples already there and then the plate went on that.
I'm in Michigan and we only require back plate so I think this is why it was loose in the vehicle.