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Front Suspension SQUEAKS



I own a 2002 AV and am experiencing a noticable squeak from the front when traveling on uneven ground at slow speeds (i.e. speed bumps, gravel roads, driveways, etc.) anybody have a similar problem/solution. Dealer can't seem to fix it.
Look back in the threads starting over a year ago and look for front end squeaks...there are many possibilities......shocks, steering parts etc......

Try the search function
Hey Willy,
I had the same issue a while back. At first they thought it was the fuel lines rubbing, but it turned out to be the torsion bars, where they connect to the frame up front. They cleaned the area where it pivots and lubed it. No more squeaks.
I did a search for "front end squeaks" and came up with nothing.?

I am having the same problem.? Driving slowly over bumps or over anything that torques the vehicle in any way, causes very noticeable squeaks.? I have taken it to the dealership 3 times on the issue and they keep blaming on the lift kit.? Though I have taken it to the installer several times to have everything tightened...still no luck.?

Anyone have ideas on getting the dealership to look at specific problems others have had?