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FTDRL, All on Hi, HID


Full Member
Feb 4, 2005
west virginia
I just ordered some 8000K for my high beams.  Since I'm impatient, I'm thinking of doing the FTDRL and the All on Hi mods.  Can I do those mods with HIDs?  If this has been answered in another thread, I apologize and could you give me the thread?
Yep you can do the mod now and just install the HIDs later on.  When you do put in the HIDs the All-On-High will still work fine, just more light with that HID set thrown into the mix.
fdemesa74 said:
Thanks.? I did the All on and FTDRL.? Now, I just gotta wait for the UPS guy with my HIDs.?

Nice, what kit did you get?