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Funny Noise



Have only had my AV a couple weeks but there is a strange vibrating/humming sound on acerleration in the right front corner somewhere. Going to dealership next week........anyone have same problem? Sounds like plastic maybe.
Snow Slide,

Welcome to the club...everyone has that strange sound. Its usually the first thing you notice when you get it home. There are plenty of threads on this subject but varying number of issues. It gets worse when cold outside. Ive heard anything from fuel lines rattling against the firewall to the vent under the glovebox rattling.
Hmmm, I don't have a humming noise in my Z66, is it a 4 wheel drive problem?

Search this section and read some threads......when you find one that may be like yours reply in that thread bunches will come out and help ya.....
I have not noticed any unusual sounds, noises, rattles, humms, etc.....

Although I used to own a C4 Corvette, so in comparison, the Av is incredibly quiet and solid.
I have deleted those posts that were not on topic............Tough no whining about it either...take it to the bar....