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Future Of GM Mastercard


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Jan 18, 2002
New Jersey - Exit 5
I got a notice from GM, telling me that starting next year I can't combine my 5% credit on the Mastercard with the GM Supplier Discount any longer (which I did when purchasing the Av). And they are introducing some other new GM card that gives you 1% cash back on purchases towards a GM vehicle, with no annual $500 limit, that can be combined with the GM Supplier Discount. I was thoroughly confused after I read the letter, since it was short on detail.

Can anybody explain this situation more clearly to me?
I wish I could help, but I am still unclear about this whole GM card conspiracy.
First they stopped employees from getting the original card, and put a limit on earnings to those that already had it. The new card that came out had a limit, and earned a smaller %. Now I believe that GM employees that don't have the original card cannot use any card discount :mad:
I also used the GM Card in combination with the GM Supplier Discount. Extremely dissappointing that they will not allow me to do this on my next purchase. Glad I cashed out!

Perhaps people will be able to negotiatie to get the price near the GMS price without the paper work and then use the rebate? Initially the dealer forgot I had GMS and their offer was less than $500 away from my final price.

1% back on the new offer is lame, IMHO. You can almost get 1% CASH back from Discover. You'd have to spend $50,000 dollars to get the $500. With the old program, you'd only had to spend $10,000.
Ive got to go with zx900b on this one. It doesn't make any sense to be 'tied' to the money by using the 1% GM card, when you could use Discover and use the money for anything (READ: More Mods)

Well, it's been a nice ride for the last seven years. Although I got my card in college, and have just started to get into the 'good earning years', I was still able to take them for over $3,200! >:D

Never paid a cent of interest, never plan to.

My father (GM retiree) has cashed in over $10,000 in earnings.

I plan to call the GM card the day the offer expires and tell them to cancel my card...I'm getting me some airline miles :D
I got one of those spam-mails from the GM Card for their 5% rate. ?I'm thinking of finally getting the card. ?From the site you apply for it, the Disclosure reads:

"Vehicle Redemption Allowances

Base Redemption Allowances are established for the duration of that vehicle model year and may change based on such things as promotional offers and new model year introductions. Redemption Allowances should not be less than $1,000 as long as The GM Card Earnings and Redemption Allowance Program remains in effect. "

Where are the current Redemption Allowances posted? ?What are they currently allowing for an Av? ?I'm thinking of trading in for an '05 (if they still offer the cladding).

Looking through the "redemption allowances" on the GM card site, I think $1000 is all you can get back with the 'new' card. I've had an 'old' card, and got $3700 off on my Av. This like many incentive credit card offers is going down hill . . .

IMO, the best ones out there now are MC/VISA casrs associated with oil companies - free gas at a rate of 1% for all purchases, 2-3% for purchases at the station assosicated with the card. No gradually increasing rate like Discover, and better than airline miles if you only fly sporadically.
The future of my GM card is going to be cancelled....it really does not benefit me over any other of my cards...so I think once the balance it paid off it's going to pieces.... :B: