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Gas Mileage



Ran 4 tanks so far (about 50% city/hiway).

Average mpg: 16.002
This is a tough one to answer. When in normal mode (work, errands, etc,), I average around 14.5. However, higway trips get me right at about 19.0.

The modern gas pump shows the amount pumped down to the .001. I did a 4 tank average which was about 50% hiway/city driving, and came up with 16.03 mpg. I figure this isn't too bad as my '98 GTP got 25.2mpg on premium fuel...
This poll must be for 5.3L

The 2500 8.1L LOVES Gas, Makes the oil company happy. :) :)
Towing 8-10 mpg. Lots of hills then 8 mpg.

City 9-12 mpg. Lead foot averave 10 mpg.

Did not buy for gas mileage. Need to tow my travel trailer. Like I say "The best towing machine ever"
Maybe we need multiple polls? 4Wd vs 2WD, 1500 vs 2500.

Not sure one number will be meaningful.

I have had as low as 13 mpg and as good as 17 mpg. My last 4 tank fill-ups avg. 16.2 mpg. I am driving to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. I'll see if how good or bad of milage I get on that long of a trip.
With in-town driving I only get around 12mpg. Best mileage to date was 18 mpg averaging 75 mph on a relatively flat 180 mile jaunt to Portland down I-5. That was bone stock and with only 1500 miles on the odometer. I hope to get a couple more mpg when I am done modding, engine fully broken-in and synthetic oil in the pan. I have just put on a stainless Magnaflow muffler and will soon get an FIPK.
Yea so many variables in the AV'S I have a 2500 4X4. and the best I have seen so far is 14.8 @ 70 MPH. I probably average round town 10 mpg. I wanted the 8.1 and was not concerned about the gas mileage. I have only 2400 miles on mine (Born and delivered 9-01)

After a week of having my UPD I was surprised to get a 17.53 mpg. I thought it might be less since I was beening somewhat of a lead food with the new mod and all. This was doing mostly city driving.

Yesterday, I changed my oil (mobile one synthetic) and my fuel filter (since I passed the 15k mark), so let's see what this brings.

Today, I drove over 200 freeway miles to see mom. I'm excited to see what my next fill up brings. 18+?
One selection for <15 mpg doesn't cut it. I've had as low as 11 mpg and as high as 16.7 mpg, but I average around 13 mpg in my 1500 4X4. The Av gas tank doesn't take kindly to a lot of around town driving.
Filled up this morning and checked my mileage: 14.4, not actual city but lots and lots of stop and go. That's 2MPG better than my 98 Durrango, so I'm happy.

Last weekend, I did a round trip from Richmond and averaged 16.6, but that's on I95 with steady speed changes from 45MPH to 85MPH plus the stop and go of race traffic, so again, I'm happy. My guess would be 18MPG on a regular highway trip.
All my city/highway driving averages in the 14s - 14.2, 14.8, etc.

Made one trip so far (only 500 miles round trip) with and against a 20+mph wind.

With - 20.5 mph
Against - 16.8 mph
As an older member of the club, I must not be much of a hotfoot. I averaged 16.21 mpg on my last tank... about 50% city/hiway....
I must be the only one that voted for over 18, only shows one vote on there.
since mobil one 4 weeks ago and 3100 miles i am getting anywhere from 18.6 to 19.2, but then again that is 95 percent highway driving.......and about 60 percent of that is between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am, so hardly any traffic to worry about,,,,,,,,,,
What were you getting before switching to Mobil !?
steelehead, you need to post a aol instant messenger, seems like you are on here late when i am, we could shoot the bulllllllll
i was getting low 18's and sometimes in the 17's, i am figuring roughly overall i may have ended up with roughly a 1mpg increase,,,,,,,,,,,,one is better than none on these beast.
i did get a 16.9 on one trip with probably a 40mph ?headwind and rain,,,,,,,,was not a pretty day to be out in the av,,,,, wind was pushing me all over the road and felt like i was riding the brakes,,,,,,
hey steele, when you mentioned EMT earlier are you referring to emergency medical technician? just wondering, i still keep mine up, i had got it when i was working offshore as a medic.
Howdy Zeeya, I have MSN messenger at home, but not at work where I am now. I have seen a red c-hair under 18 mpg at 75 mph when I only had about 2000 miles and it was bone stock. I have changed out the muffler to a Magnaflow and have a K&N FIPK on the way. I will also switch to mobil 1 at 6000 miles. With the 3.73:1 gearing I am hoping to nip at 20mpg on trips through relatively flat land and on cruise-control at reasonable speed. I am unsure how my tire change to the BFG A-T T/A's will affect my mileage.
BTW, how do you like the brush guard? It looks great!
On a recent 800 mile trip with many spurts in the 75-80 mph range, we averaged about 16 mpg.
Wife just got back from trip to Texas - we kept mileage for the tanks she got:


Mostly highway, 65-75 mph, from Phoenix to Texas panhandle and back, 1996 total miles.

Used Marvel Mystery Oil in the tank for tanks #1 and #2.

Alas, figuring out how to make the AV's mileage stay up there is turning out to be a losing battle for me..... :6: MMO helps, but I don't want to use it in EVERY tank - it's not free....
:rolleyes:I'm pretty satisfied so far with my Z71 milege... :rolleyes:

15.35 (40 miles of pulling my 4000 pound boat)

Majority of my miles is a 65 mile commute to work (one way)...

With the recent addition of the Flowmaster Series 40 muffler and the K&N Filter to come, I hope to see even better milege. :B:
I was very impressed with my gas mileage this holiday weekend...I made it from home all the way down the shore and back on about 1/4 tank of gas....that's pretty good considering I had a full load in the cargo area not to mention a wife, and two dogs in the cab... :B: