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? Gas Prices


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Jan 28, 2002
Saskatoon, Sask.
:p :p :eek: :eek:

I stoped to fill the AV up this morning Shocked to find the price of gas at 74.9 cents per liter thats $3.00 per gallon cost me $75.00 dollars and the truck wasnt quite empty. What are you guys paying. This price is in Saskatoon, Sask.
In Dallas, the cheapest I've found is $1.099 per gallon and I think that is expensive (its at sam's and costco). Normal service stations are selling regular unleaded at around $1.259 per gallon. I imagine the price will continue to rise as summer arrives. Ugh.
In Indianapolis, IN the average price for midgrade is $1.18 per gallon. In Champaign, IL midgrade goes for about $1.65 a gallon.
$1.069 at Costco in Seattle - but I haven't been to the pump in a week. TV folks say the price is going up like 10 cents a week right now due to Middle East concerns. I guess they went up something like 25 cents in two weeks in most places (but we didn't see that here). We're lucky right now with some of the lowest prices in the country, but we got gouged real good during the summer of 2000...

Don't even get me started on the politics of all of this...
Minneapolis/St. Paul the prices change daily. But the past 5 - 7 days the price has been pretty much the same - 1.39/gallon. It went down to 1.37 yesterday afternoon but was back to 1.39 this morning.
Have any of you been to gaspricewatch.com?
It's a prety cool website that you can enter in your local stations or ones you use along on your route and enter the prices of gas. If anyone else also enters prices it will update on your page so you can keep track of the cheapest gas.
$3.00 / gallon . . . Ouch

Colorado prices in the $1.10 - $1.25 range.

But no matter where one fills up an Av. . . it's just best to just slide the credit card and not look at the total!

'Tis a thirsty beast!
I get mine for .82 a gallon. You ask where ?? The reservation, The indians sell every thing cheap, from gas to smokes. I guess I am lucky to have one close by.
In southwest Wy. up 25 cents, $1.35 9/10 for premium,
I'm getting 18.5 mpg @ 2,000 mi. on premium so far, always set speedo on 77mph.
In the Newark, NJ area your looking at paying the following:

1. Regular(unleaded)---$1.12 (87)
2. Plus (midgrade)----$1.25 (89)
3. Premium----$1.37 (93)

Of course that's at your Exxons, Amoco's, Shell's, Sunoco's. :cautious:
Filled up last night, $1.35 a gallon for regular unleaded here in Northern Illinois. Three weeks ago it was $0.99/gal. I'm starting to think organized crime sets the price for this stuff. ;) :rolleyes: :cry:
Gas prices in South Florida are all over the place,I'm paying around $1.37 9/10 to 1.43 9/10. However the $75.00 in Sasktoon, Sask. would be Canadian Dollars so we are only talking about $47.00 or $48.00 US. Still it's more than I'm paying (right now).
West PA is $1.2599 for 87...thats all I put in after reading too many things that said anything more that 87 is not recommended. Previous autos I used 92 oct, but as computers got fancier-GM and Ford both say computer works better with 87...so 87 it is. Just my opinion
Filled her up last night and it took about 28 gallons and i stopped the pump at $32.00. Thats 1.229 down here in the Big Easy, New Orleans, for the 87 octane.
:cautious: I'm selling my VW turbo diesel (46mpg) to buy the AV, makes me wonder, but then again can't do what I'll be able to with the AV.


Our gas has gone up .14 in two weeks. North Ga.
Here in southern NJ I'm paying $1.18 a gallon for 87 octane. A couple weeks ago it was a bit under $1 a gallon.

If the prices get really high ($1.50), I may think about trading in my Grand Am GT (24 mpg) for some kind of econocar to help in commuting.
Here in the Chicago 'Burbs (DuPage County) its starts @ $1.49 for 87 and $1.69 for premium. The closer you get to Chicago and into Cook County the more it goes up, around $1.59+ for 87 octane.
1.19 per gallon for 87 octane here in southern Louisiana!!!

The price is rising was about .99 two weeks ago.
I paid $1.24/gallon today. That is the absolute most I have ever had to pay at the pump and that was the cheapest service station on the road. This was definately not an April Fool's day joke, because I'm not laughing.
Yes it's true..it's true...filled up the hog last night at the local Shell Gas station at the going rate of $1.25 for regular unleaded......ahhhh...a chuggin' V8..can't beat it...