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GatorBack warning for all of you "do it yourselfers"


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Sep 23, 2002
Emporia, Indiana
It was 70 degrees today and I decided I needed to get busy on the Avalanche, you know get it ready for MCM and the other GTG''s we will be attending this summer. Yesterday I put the new rotors and brake pads on with the help of a friend. Today I painted the calipers with Purple Metalcast paint.........did not come out as good as I hoped. I had painted the calipers silver in the past and they were not in bad condition so I thought I would just paint the metalcast over that. Of course I wiped it down with thinner first to clean it up but when I sprayed the metalcast it fish eyed........I am letting it dry and my try another coat to see what happens.

OK now on the the GatorBack story. My 4 fenders had a little GatorBack coming off so after I was done with the?calipers I cleaned them and masked them off. I stirred the GatorBack and poured a little out into a small plastic paint container. I buy these containers at Lowes, they are kind of thin plastic kind of like a "liner". There is a side holder for the brush and they are handy when doing little paint jobs.

So around the Avalanche I go doing all 4 fenders. I just got done with the last one when I felt something wet on my left leg, I thought I had dripped some GatorBack on my leg but moved back to the table to put the remaining back into the can.........When I stood up my belly was wet, my leg was wet and a few other things were wet!! The GatorBack had ate a hole in that thin plastic! I tried to clean up as well as I could out in the garage and then called my wife out to help.
Then I headed in , took off my clothes just inside the door and hit the tub. After a long scrub in the tub there was still some black, we sat out on the porch and used nail polish remover and got most of it off............there are some placed I won't use the nail polish remover so it will just have to wear off! The problem is at my age that will take a LONG WHILE.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I just burst out laughing so loud that my secretary came to my office to see what was wrong with me.

Sorry it happened to you but thanks for sharing it. (y)
paul_376 said:
I think ill pass on those pics

Paul, this is quite possibly the smartest thing you've said since joining this site! :)
I can't beleive that Tdybr27 want to see the pictures..... I can get a picture of my "Tighty-whities" if you really want to see 'em. ?:rolleyes:

OMG too dam funny, I? can just imagine, guess the phrase once you go black won't work here for Joan huh.

                      ? NO PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I damned near pissed myself reading about this "incident" too funny, but extremely helpful for I too am about to embark on a journey to the darkside, just in the same place. 
Luckily my belly is big enough that 99% of the GatorBack was on it and my leg. My big belly shielded most of the "other parts"! :cool:
Z66 BUTCH said:
Luckily my belly is big enough that 99% of the GatorBack was on it and my leg. My big belly shielded most of the "other parts"! :cool:

Don't you just hate it when that happens  :laugh: The big belly

Happens to me all the time...but my stories usually involve Super Glue!!! :laugh:

Good luck getting it all off....
Z66 BUTCH said:
Luckily my belly is big enough that 99% of the GatorBack was on it

That is why they call it a shed, rather than a big belly.  Gott have a shed to cover your tool.
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

At least now you won't have to invest in any Trojan's, since you are already protected with the GB.

That is too funny.  That is for sure something that I would do.  I'm sure that your wife was just shaking your head laughing at your, as mine would be doing.  thanks for the good laugh, hope it all works out.