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Gauge overlay-remove old?


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Feb 24, 2004
Danbury, CT
Thinking about getting Nu Image platinum gauge overlay.  Would it be brighter at night if I removed the OEM gauge backing first, or should I just put it over top? ???
I don't know about the Nu Image one but the US Speedo faces come with the backing so you can pull the old one off
I have not done one on an AV. ?But I did replace the over lay on my 2000 Silverado when I had it. ?I removed the over lay and then put the new one on. ?It was more difficult than I thought. ?I do not want to scare you from doing it, but my kit I got, did not come with the needle removing tool. ?When I got them off, and swapped out the overlays, and reinstalled the needles, for some reason, my temp guage needle started to move for me. ?So, I was never sure if the needles were accurate. ?If I would decide to do it to my AV, I would probably go with the whole guage swap that I believe the guy is Prime Power sells. ?He sells the whole speedo cluster and he can customize the speedo with overlays and needles from any GM vehicle. ?He has a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty I believe. ?Also, he guarantees the speedo cluster to be accurate.
I've done what you're asking about.  If you pull off the stock overlay there is only clear plastic behind it.  When I put my new overlay on, I could see all the junk back there...PLUS you couldn't tell what service lights were lighting up.  A space may light up, but the text was on the old overlay and the new one didn't have the text on it so just a little space would light up. 

I ended up cutting out the old warning light area and cutting up a green tinted $.59 folder and using it behind the overlay.  I think it looks pretty good but it was more of a job than just popping one off and putting another on.  The needle removal and install is also a little nerve racking.
EarthQuake is right it took me 3 times to get the needles in the right place
I did the nu-image flame face.
I pealed the OEM off and and layed the Flames down.
Took pics before for needle location. and marked the template.

Read the directions and take your time. (y)


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As said above.. Just take your time. I've used NuImage before and will use them again..
These are my US Speedo I change them all the time once you do it the first time it's easy.


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laf723; what year AV.
I know on the 02 you have Pin's for the Needle stops to deal with.
I actually used this to help line up the overlay on mine.

MichiganSilver03; Sweet look (y)