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General Motors and the 2007 Nationals..


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Mar 12, 2003
Phoenix, Arizona
Happy news for everyone!!

All of the Chevy Dealers across the United States have been sent information about the 2007 National Chevy Avalanche Get Together sanctioned by CAFCNA! How cool is that?

I asked if I could receive a copy of the message. I was told the information that does not pertain to the event would have to be removed, but I could receive the portion about the event.

Chevrolet Hot Sheet
They also attached this information

I think it is FANTASTIC that CAFCNA and the NCAGTG was sent to 4,100 Chevy Dealers! THANKS GM!!!

See you in Rapid City!

My local dealer actually mentioned receiving it to me.
I am going to have to go to my local dealer and see if they got it..

and what they intend to do with info
It would be cool is members who have a good relationship with their dealer would print out a few posters and take them to the dealer and invite them to pass them out to new Avalanche owners! Maybe get them to post one or two at the Dealership.....THE POSTER CAN BE FOUND HERE and then click Promotional Material in the left column.

ygmn said:
I am going to have to go to my local dealer and see if they got it..

and what they intend to do with info

Let us know what you find out.. They should at least be posting the flyer someplace.

maverick1974 said:
I actually think the owner of the local dealership here is driving an 07 AV.

He must have good taste!  :B:

Thanks.. I am thrilled GM is participating!

I will be checking Van Chevrolet here in the next day or two to see if they have the literature and how they are displaying it.
If the person you are talking to doesn't know anything about it. Ask who receives the "HOT SHEET". They should have seen it if they read it.