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Get A FREE Avalanche Windshield Graphic!


SM 2003
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Jun 6, 2002
McKinney, TX
I just got this in the mail and HAD to pass it on to y'all in case you don't for some reason get the same form. It seems Chevy Trucks is giving away a Free Avalanche Windshield Graphic to anyone who purchased their truck in 2002 and ordered at least $100 worth of GM accessories with it.

You'll have to read to see if they will honor it for new orders now, but I wouldn't be surprised. I'm not sure that I would go out and order $100 worth of stuff just to get the sticker, but it's likely that lots of us already did.

Here's the info for you. ENJOY!


GM Accessories Zone

Chevy Truck Avalanche Accessories List

Avalanche Windshield Graphic Redemption Form PDF