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Getting New Custom Wheels? Hang On To Factory Set


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Jul 3, 2002
Houston, TX
Getting new custom wheels? Hang on to the factory set!

This weekend I went to Car Max and to a dealership to get appraisals and trade in value for my AV. ?I asked for quotes with my 20?s on the AV and if I put the stock 17s back on. I had one of he 17s in the bed to show them. ?

I was shocked when they both valued my AV $1500 higher if I put the stock 17? back on. ?:eek: ?I asked them both why they would give me more money for my AV after I removed $3000 in new tires and rims ??? ?Both said it was much harder for them to resell a vehicle that has custom rims on it. ?

If you're getting new wheels for your AV, you might want to save the factory wheels. The $500 you get for the factory wheels may cost you a grand later. ?:p
You know that does not really suprise me. The mods done by CAFC members really desses it up (yeah - the AV isn't dressy to start - right?) make it look great, but I've heard that it may actually reduce its value on resale. The more factory fresh the vehicle is or appears to be, the greater the value. Yeah- there is that hand full of folks that really love the chrome wheels and new taller tires, but the dealer is looking for a vehicle he can turn around quickly. That 5% of the population is far outweighted by the those that want stock!

Funny - Pamela Anderson when she was a nobody beats out the Pamela Anderson of today. I guess most people really want the girl next door but like looking at the 'eye candy'.

I guess that is human nature.

people confuse me sometimes. when they get the truck i'm sure they will join the club, and start moddin'. why not just get it already tricked out. ???
My old truck was a '99 GMC Sierra (pics below) and had a complete Hotchkis suspension kit, Boyd Coddington 17" wheels, Alpine CD Player, 6.5" MB Quart Q's, JL Audio Stealthbox, Phoenix Gold 475Ti Amp. Rollpan, Shaved Tailgate handle, & Billet Grille and the dealer told me in that condition they would give me $10,000 because teh only dealer they could find that wanted it was a dealer in Oklahoma... people asked about this truck every day so I did the only logical thing pulled everything off of it I could and sold it to the same dealer w/ factory radio, wheels, & suspension for $13,500.. so yeah, hang on to anything you take off.

Also, you can put your factory wheels back on for a road trip so the 20's last longer.



It's true, I work at a Chevrolet dealership and they will give you less on trade if you have aftermarket parts installed. When I had my '97 silverado appraised when I purchasing my first AV they said they didn't care if the stainless running boards cost $800.00, they wern't going to give me anymore than book value.

That was fine, I got more by selling it on my own ;)
Johnny_D said:
Edward K, that is a sweet looking ride!

Hey, that's what I was going to say! ;D
I think there are at least 2 reasons why the mods hurt resale. 1, people who like mods generally appreciate the creativity of creating a unique looking vehicle, want to apply some of their own creativity, and are happy working with a clean sheet of paper if you will. 2, our cars, which we can literally develop relationships with, to dealers, are just commodities. A stock item is a known item, and can easily be valued. A modified item carries with it some risk in that it is to some extent an unknown item, for which it is harder to quantify a value because there isn't a market for unique items like there is for known commodities. Also, if someone has spent a lot of money on custom wheels, who knows what has been done under the hood, and how well engineered those underhood mods are. Even if it is well engineered, can the below average mechanic work on it as well as a stock vehicle for which he has tech manuals to refer to?
Not a surprise to me. I would not have done many if not most of my mods if i thought I was getting rid of the truck any time soon. I'm thinking of having the Cargo pro modified into a coffin, do a split midgate and they can bury me in it.

As for dealers, earlier comments correct in my experience. They have a narrow range. 1,2,3.. 1,2,3 is fine but don't dare saying 1,3,2.
Took a 3 year GrandPrix GT in for a trande, model was 1999. Car had about 13k miles on it. They did not have a clue what to offer for a trade value. They had to go shop it first.
Well, now that I have 20's, I was going to sell my other wheels/tires....maybe I'll keep the wheels and just sell the tires....I can always get new tires ;D

I think you hit it right on the head guys.

When I mod it's my signature. I style my truck for me.

Usually the guys at work and play hemhaw around and "kinda like this" and "don't really care for that."

I do the things I like and will enjoy my "drivin' in style" pleasure.

Oh yeah, when they get their own truck , they can do whatever they darn well please.

That's the joy of moddin'

If I sell mine, the wheels go on my new one... or I can slip em on the little lady's and get me some new ones >:D
sparky said:
Took a 3 year GrandPrix GT in for a trande, model was 1999. Car had about 13k miles on it. They did not have a clue what to offer for a trade value. They had to go shop it first.

And it's much easier for them to shop a stock, pretty much the same as every other '99 GP GT, than something which requires them to document all of the changes, and then a dealer on the other end to think what they are all worth. They are paid to move metal, not think.
I beg to differ. The local dealers here in my town put 20's and billet grills on almost every AV and silverado that hits the lot. I is quite difficult to even get a stock AV here in town. That must mean they are selling better that way. Every region has its own marketplace. What sells in Visalia can be completely different than what sells in Austin. The bottom line here is to know your own marketplace.
you need some chrome escalade door handle. then it would look sweet.