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Glad To Be Alive!


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Feb 28, 2002
Sacramento, CA.
What a day:

First, we take a 100 mile trip to the City not knowning that the AV's main brake lights were out. ?The 3rd brake light was o.k. ?

Luckily, I had the window down for a brief moment when we heard a whisper in the air just as the traffic around us silenced, "you're break lights are out!!". ?We didn't think that person was talking to us. ?After miles of driving around I got a chance to check the fuses where I found the problem. ? ;D

Next, we're looking around for a place to eat and I mistakenly ran a red light. ?A Nissan Altima swirved to miss me and gladly gave me the bird. ?:eek:

Then we get home, park the car in the garage, and we hear a hissing sound. ?It's a flat tire!! ? :C:

What a day! ?I'm just glad to be alive and be here to tell my story. ? ;)

The ironic thing was that we had just dropped off my mom at the emergency and after settling down, we went out to get something to eat. ?It would have been ironic if we did get into the accident and ended up in the same hospital as my mom. ?She would have freaked! ? :D:

Thank God and all who were watching over us. ? :D
RoarinRow said:
What a day! ?I'm just glad to be alive and be here to tell my story. ? ;)
Thank God and all who were watching over us. ? :D
RoarinRow......I hope all is well with your mother, my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

I sounds like one of those MURPHY'S LAW kind of days :cautious:

Glad you and the family are all right, and keep us informed on your mom's condition........It seems that the fellow members here have "Considerable Collective Pull" with the Guy upstairs ;)
Thanks WesTexAVY and All,

I've got a busy day today - follow up with mom, bring the flat to the shop, and keep on reflecting on yesterday so I can be thankful for today. . .
Our thoughts and prayers are with your mother.

Sounds like you have been giving your guardian angel a bit of a workout that day.

Glad to hear noone got hurt.
Glad to hear all are safe and I wish your mom a speedy recovery!