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GM 6.0 Differences



Just curious.

2500HD lists 6.0 engine w/300hp@4400 & torque of 360lbs @ 4000.

Denali lists 6.0 engine 320hp@5000 & torque of 365lbs@4000.

Caddy EXT lists 6.0 engine 345hp@5200 & torque of 380lbs@4000

Anybody know where the differences come from?
Compression ratio and valve timing for sure. I believe there are differences in the three exhaust systems as well.
Through in the Hummer H2 engine and you have a 4th version of the 6.0 rated at 316 HP 360 lb-ft.

If I remember correctly something I read a while back the 320 HP 6.0 in the Denali uses a difference cam than the 300 HP 6.0.

The higher rated 345 HP Caddy 6.0 is running 10:1 compression.