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GM Gas-Electric Hybrids Comming Soon


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Jun 29, 2002
Redondo Beach, CA
General Motors Corp. plans to offer a hybrid version of its full-size trucks, the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, late this year. These hybrids will have engines that turn themselves off at traffic lights when the vehicles are stopped, thus saving on fuel.

Silverado and Sierra - I wonder how long before they consider converting the AV? I can see it now, Chevy Avalanche the new Ultimate Utility Hybrid Vehicle(UUHV).
I wonder how fast they start up? Is it going to be like a golf cart in a way?

I could see them using braking to generate energy. There are some small cars which use this feature. Surely, the force required to stop an AV has to generate a ton of energy!
I would imagine GM is doing something like the Toyota and Honda hybrids. In the current Toyota and Honda hybrids, the engine provides the primary power. Additional horsepower and torque for accelerating hard or climbing hills comes from the electric motor in coordination with the engine.

During deceleration, the electric motor functions as a generator and recharges the battery pack.