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GM Suing Over H2 Lookalike

Yep, that does look like an H2 :0:. I think GM does have a reason to be angry. Is Studebaker actually making a comeback?
I checked out the Avanti website.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

A BAD imitation however....

The Studebaker SUV is a BAD rip off of the H2. Very BAD.

The SVO Lister is a BAD knock off of the AC Cobra. I would rather buy one of those "kits" out there since I can't afford a real one.

The SVO 904 is a bad rendition of the cartoon classic "Speed Racer"--wow! they're imitating cartoons also.

Don't expect much info on this website--they don't provide much. I guess their lawyers are busy preparing their legal briefs?

* One more thing about this H2 wanna-be. There is a soap opera-like thread in one of the forums called "And You Thought The Aztek Was Ugly". Basically it was a discussion on the, ummmm, how should I put this, oh I know, the "interesting and peculiar exterior aesthetic appearance (read UGLY)" of the Honda ELEMENT.

Now that we have seen the Studebaker XUV, the next thread is most likely going to be.... "And You Thought The Honda Element Was Ugly" ;)
Man from the back you can't tell the difference. But, the front is ugly.
It's got a 6.8 liter supercharger option, back-up monitor in the rear view mirror, and suicide doors.

I'd like to see one of these in person.
The only thing i remember about the Avanti is that the priest in charge of discipline at my high school, Father D'Amico drove one. Go figure :mad:
Power Stroke Diesels and Triton V8s. ?What a total slap in GMs face, a clone powered by FORD. ?Do they really think they were going to get away with it???