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GMO Is No More :(


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Jun 6, 2002
McKinney, TX
My dealer called me back today (11/06/02) to say that my GMO order had gotten bounced back by GM saying that they don't accept GMO orders any more and that we'd have to resubmit it as GMS. He said that the end date was sometime either end of September or beginning of October, and that all orders now receive the GMS price. :9:

Has anyone ordered an AV since 10/01/02 and gotten it in as GMO? If so please contact me. Otherwise I'll live with my couple hundred dollar loss. I made more than $2000 extra on my trade-in by waiting so I guess it was worth it.

PS. I changed the subject title, but I'll leave the original post below just for reference sake.

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I need someone in the know to provide some factual feedback here as what I've heard so far has just been 2nd hand info. I just got back from a vacation to visit family where I heard that GM was discontinuing the GMO/GMS choices for buying a vehicle from Factory/Stock and instead offering just one plan.

Under the new plan, all orders are treated the same, and you only get a vehicle from the factory if what you want is not already on the lot or available from another dealer in trade. There was also some speculation that the new deal price was lower than GMS but higher than GMO.

Any truth to this rumor? Can anyone shed some light on this? Is GMO/GMS going away? If so, how does the new price compare to the old GMO/GMS prices?

This is true, although I don't know how to get you confirmation. I have heard it ends next year, when is unclear, but next year. It was actually to end September 30th of 2002, but was extended due to "Overdrive" promotions etc.

If it indeed goes away, I'll have to buy my Av at lease end in 2/05 as without that $4750 off, I never would have gotten an Av, or a loaded Z71 at least!

I spoke to my grandfather yesterday (retired GM employee) who said that when the GMO/GMS goes away the new employee price will just be the GMO price across the board. Good news if so.

Once that's in effect if they happen to have the vehicle you're looking for on the lot or can find one at another dealer you can get your GMO priced vehicle in a day or so instead of in 6-8 weeks.

Only one source so far though, so wait for confirmation before ya quote me on that.

Information is correct. It's now the same price to order or take delivery from stock. No more GMO
When did GMO/GMS end? And what is the new price? Is it the same % discount as GMO was before, same as GMS was before, or something between those two?