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Jul 8, 2007
Anybody install the new lockpick yet? Any issues? I know there were issues with codes and equipment like tire sensors crappin' out with early versions on the previous lockpicks and was just wondering if  there were early prototype problems with the latest greatest!!
On the Cadillac site a couple of guys have installed it and they say it works without issues.? You can go on cadillac forums and go to the Escalade 2007+ section and you can see the writeup.

tTanks, that helps a lot.   Now if i could just get a reply from the emails i send them. . . . doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.
I just installed an iPod pick into my brother's 2007 Acadia with NAV today and it worked like a charm.  The Acadia uses the same 29bit LAN system and the same NAV head unit as the '07 Avys so that might give you a little more confidence.  We'll be installing the Lockpick soon, just didn't have enough time to do both today.

A guy at the Vette forum where I post frequently actually has gotten alot of response from them recently, though I can't speak from personal experience.
I purchased the GMX320 just before 07 summer along with the Ipod lockpick and both of it works fine on my 07 LTZ. Currently I'm trying to update my GMX320  in  order to get the multi-camera function. Hopefully they are cool enough to update it for me.

*To all the owners that purchase the first gen of the GMX320 from coasteltech, multi-camera will not work. Its a new software they created and some wiring. Currently i'm asking them to get my GMX320 updated so I can get front,left, and right camera to work. Crossing my fingers*