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GO-Rhino Hitch Step & WAAG Bumper Guard??

Yakmar, no problem with this. I have this installed right now on my truck.

The waag rear bar is about 1 inch higher and about 2 inches closer to the cladded bumper.

So the rhino bar is lower(1 inch) and sticks further out(2 inches) to help protect the waag from possible damage.

no pics handi, but wanted to get the info to you.

Sorry for the delay Yakmar,

Yes that is the bar that I have and it works fine.

Yakmar - I like the one they show on the 02 Av in black ... how that is the one you are taking about that you like ... I would check with WVbubba as I have seen there truck and (which is an 02) and they have the one for the rear bumper in gray .... they might be able to help you with a part #