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Golf GTG on Sunday


Full Member
Mar 2, 2006
Litchfield Park AZ
Chris and I will be Golfing at Arizona traditions this Sunday. Any club Member who would like to join is Welcome. I need to have a response by 2:00 pm tomorrow to arrange the tee times. I know this is short notice but I would like to make this a bi weekly event. The cost is usually 18.00 dollars for Sunday afternoon.

Great idea, Ed. I will not be able to make it this week, but I am definitely interested in playing soon.

I like this idea also. I just might have to blow the dust off the clubs and swing a few with ya.

Eric picked up his clubs today. I know he really wants to go too, but we won't be avail this weekend. I haven't decided yet if I am going to try it.
Not to jack the thread, BUT, I have a set of clubs for sale.? 2 torn discs and torn cartliage in my right hand has pretty much quelched my duffing indefinetly.? Must be those head on accidents :E: :E: :E:

I have a set of Tommy Armour 855 Scotts, G Force II graphite shafts.? 2-9 irons including a rare TA SW.? Also have a 65* lob wedge(rock iron), Big Bertha 9* driver and various 1,3,5 Calloway knock off woods & a couple of expensive putters, one I won't part with.? Comes with size 10 Nike Saddlebag wht/tan shoes(not stinky:), and a Mizuno staff bag.

I used to golf at least once a week before the accidents.? The clubs are a step below pristine and have nice Tour Pride wrapped grips.? Other than the rock iron none of them have seen anything but green!? OK, maybe the 7 has, hehehehehe!

Let me know if anyone is interested.? Also, if you'd like to take them for a test drive on the GTG, let me know.? I'm leaving out of town Thursday and won't be back till Monday, but my neighbor Jeff can hook you up.? Chris and Ed have met him, he's cool.

If not, have fun whackin' the round ball Sunday!

Mr. $cary

Can't make it this weekend but more than happy to offer some balls to the water gods, gophers, forest nymphs or whoever else wants to steal my balls
? ? ? ? ? ?as I hit them straight and long down the fairway!? :bsflag:
Well I hope that we can get more people next time. If anyone has last minute desires to join pm me and I will see if I can get you included in the t-time.

I believe you'll get more takers next time, bi-weekly sounds great!

Chris had To work on Sunday so we had to cancel this trip to the fairway. I thought about next Sunday. Are any members interested? The Time should be around 3:00 pm
The new time is for This Sunday at Arizona traditions. We will meet at 2:00 to hit the driving range and out tee time is at 3:00.Let me know if there will be anyone joining us.

Eric wants to go this sunday. I will pass. I am trying to clean up house and pull stuff together for the community sale the following weekend.

ed, you have a pm.

We have company coming over Sunday. I hope to join you next time.


Eric.. leave your lighters at home. ;D
How many holes did you golf?

How long did it take?

When's the next round?

Did you take any pictures?

amd1900mp said:
How many holes did you golf?

How long did it take?

When's the next round?

Did you take any pictures?


18 holes.

4 hours.

Not planned yet. But I am sure soon.

Not that I am aware of. (I mentioned it but none were taken.)

Final Golf attendees:


While the husbands played golf, some of the the wives ended up checking out az pet fest over at west world. It was smaller then we expected but it was nice to check it out and fun to see some of the dogs at dock jumping and the agility rounds. We met up with the guys after golf for a nice dinner at olive garden.