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Gone Muddin'...



hey fellas,

i went off-roadin' a few months ago, and got some pretty decent mud up in the wheel wells. since then, i noticed that my inner wheel wells arent as black as they should be. everytime i wash my truck, id scrub at it, but as soon as it dries up, you can see the dried-up dirt spots. whats the deal?!?!?!

i surfed around an started reading about under-coating the truck and wells also. would that solve my solution, and can you guys explain under-coating to me?

Undercoating is a sprayed on tarry substace that protects the underside - generally done at delivery - hard to do later - mostly used in the frozen north where they have that yuchy white stuff and then salt the roads.

The fender wells are a different issue - might want to check out the local spray on bed liner shops - a number of the lifted truck guys do that after they install lift lips. Makes them a lot easier to clean and look sharp. :)

check out:: GM-Trucks - Wheelwell treatment
I know my father had his Chevy Blazer done when he owned it...I believe it was Ziebart who did the job...he was very happy with it....and no rust ever! In this case :)
A tip for the fender wells:

After you clean them real well spray some Armour All or STP vinyl protectant in there. (any cheap brand will work). It will make it black and help make it easier to clean the next time.

Cover your tires with an old towel so you do not get any on the treads though.
i was told by a co-worker that tire cleaner would work, would that help?

Just Arm&All (sp?) the inside of the fendor wells when you spray your tires, that 's what I do and after gone muddin and a winter of salt they look brand new.
Tire cleaner and brush will clean the fender wells but I would then apply the protectant to make them really clean and black.

Be careful of using too much tire cleaner as some brands will bleach the rubber under coating spray. I use a heavy concentration of car soap and a good brush.