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Gonna Get One!!!


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Mar 15, 2002
Southern Delaware
Well, we've went both yesterday and today in the afternoon to both look at and get quoted on an Av. Yesterday, we went to the closest Chevy dealer to where we live who has 4 Z71's. We drove the Sunset Orange (great color!!) demo. they had with 6k miles on it and absolutely loved it!!! It had Graphite cloth and the bench and WOL tires as the only options other than the Z71. Wanting to sell it, we were offered $1,000 under the invoice and $500 on a black Z66 I located in Baltimore. They also priced our trade, the 2000 Chrysler 300M. The guy was very nice and showed us how to work the Midgate on a red one they had inside and explained a few things on the demo. With figures in hand, we left.

Then, today, we went to another dealer about 25 minutes away who had 4- 2wd Z66's in stock on the lot with another 19 4wd's. As I mentioned in previous messages, 2 of these Z66's were black with the neutral cloth interior. I had already gotten internet prices on both and we just wanted to see what they'd give us on trade. Figuring out the price of each, we can actually get the one that's more expensive for about $500 less. For some reason, this one has an invoice dated before Jan. 1, 2002 and because of that, qualifies for some extra $1,000 rebate! It was built sometime in the beginning of December and the other early January.

So, here's the deal they gave us:
Sticker: $33,193
Rebate: $2,002
Extra Rebate: 1,000
Discount: $3,758

It seems good, but we just sent a counter offer through email for another $400 for our trade and the original $4,000 dealer discount I was quoted on before. We'll see how it works out! It has the Z66 package, Conveniance package, bucket seats, and WOL tires.

Any specific December-built Av. issues?

Wish us luck!!! ;D
No, as the problem/built date survey shows the amount of mid-range to major problems drops off dramatically on Avalanches built after September.

Remember, you can get a free 4-wheel alignment from 500 to 7,500 miles (just don't abuse the program by asking for it if you don't need it). Also, if you want any dealer ad ons (appearance package, running boards, bug shield) if you have them do it now it is covered under a 3/36 warranty instead of 1/12. However you'll probably pay a bit of a premium going through the dealer.

Personally If they gave me either the $400 on the trade or on the discount I'd take the deal. The neutral cloth bench seat Av's are very hard to find...
No problems on my December built Z66 (knock on wood!). I noticed that your basing your negotiations on the sticker. How does that relate to the invoice price? For reference I got mine close to invoice for $29,100 with the sport leather seats.
GO for it, beach...

good luck on the trade. once you get the Av, you'll feel so much @ home here. i know i do ;D ;D ;D
Go for it! Price seems reasonable and you're getting a really rare color. I could not find a single Sunset Orange with Graphite when we were shopping for our rig.

We eventually bought a 2500 Victory Red with Graphite leather and absolutely love it.

Friend, you ae going to love your new Av.