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Good deal?


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May 15, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA
I have access to the GM supplier discount. I found a DEALER DEMO Avalanche LTZ (Sport Red) with nothing else added. It's a small country dealership (75 miles from me) with only this one Avalanche on the lot. This Demo has about 6,000 miles on it. He will sell it to me for $1500 less than what I would pay now for it new. (GM supplier price less the $2000 cash back)

MSRP = 40,305.00...
GM Supplier Price = 36,934.99...
less 2,000 cash back = 34,934.99...
his price = 33,434.99

Good deal?
Also remember your warrenty started when the delaer started driving it, as well as the miles that are on it..
But I would try to get another 1000 to see what they say..
I bought an employee driven, employee price '04 with 7,000 for about 31K, list was near 45K. Mine is loaded too, I'd think with gas prices up they'd come down some because they want to sell it quick.

Should be 6 months ? and 6,000 miles already used up on the warranty so they want to unload it before more time counts against the warranty. good call Hugz
I thought that they have to start the warrenty from the milage and date you purchased? My wifes' Equinox had 312 miles on it and the paper work was wrote up to reflect that.
I think the warranty will start when you purchase the vehicle ONLY if it is below a certain mileage (1000 miles, I think).  Above that, you eat those miles off your warranty.

My truck was driven by GM supervisor, not a dealership demo where the dealer employee may have had to loan it to multiple customers. Still the same as a previously owned vehicle, you get the remainder of the warranty. They'll sell a demo at anytime if they get a good offer.

General rule is they sell them just before 7,000 miles or 6 months.