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Got Change For A Dollar


Full Member
Jul 25, 2002
miami florida
I was stopped at a red light the other day and some guy gestures me to lower my window. When I do he asks if I could change for a dollar. Stupid me thought the guy wanted change for a dollar, so I start looking for some change in my wallet. When I tell him I dont have any, he says no man I mean change for a dollar like in the commercial. Man did I feel stupid, its happen three other times now and now I just give the smirk. Not because it bothers that they ask, but b/c I remember how stupid I felt that first time.

Funny......At least he explained........

BTW do you have change for a dollar? >:D >:D
Simmilar story here except it happened a while back. Looking back on it, it is sorta funny. This guy.....eeerrrrr....this punk was riding in the passengers side of his girlfriends ride and yelled out the window with an ugly tone, "Hey jerk Change it for a dollar!! :7: ". I didn't know what to say or do. Instictivly I yelled, " A dollar for your girlfriend :7:"! and I took off!!! He obviously had AV envy since he was the passenger in his girlfriends car! Oh well, there are all kinds out there ;D !
Im watching the giants seattle game on fox and at about 5:30 the change for a dollar commercial comes on,, I have never seen that commercial now i know what this whole change of a dollar thing is ;D
Never had it happen in the 5 months I've owned the AV.....maybee 'cause black is sinister looking?????
Mine is Black ...

I have made about $20 to date >:D