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Got Followed Into A Parking Lot


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Last night after we left the hospital and went to the new 24 hour Walgreens (to find out they don't have a 24 hour pharmacy) we got followed into the parking lot by a yellow Mustang. When we got out the two older women inside said they were admiring the truck and asked a ton of questions. ;D

Here is the amazing part, when they were done asking, they backed out and left! Never even went into Walgreens. Haven't had that happen since I bought my 1989 Probe in August of '88!!!

Love this truck!
Hmmmm...gotta start hanging out near the drug stores more often!!
Must be the times we live in, I would have been nervous about someone following me into a late night pharmacy parking lot. :eek: Turned out great for you though. :D