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Got Me Some Paint Probs (black) Anyone Else?



Hi everybody, picked up my new av last week and noticed several small raised blemishes in the paint. There are 3 and they aren't fish eyes, more like foreign debris that was shot over. My buddies tell me to live with it as when they reshoot it it won't have the same finish or wear characteristics. This is my fist black vehicle so I'm thinking they might be right. Got lf fender lft rear quarter and rt rear qtr. I also have a due bill so there is no disbute, just fear, anybody got some advice. Thanks


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Sep 19, 2002
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I work at a dealership, and I can assure you that nothing a body shop can do will ever have the same durability and wear pattern as your factory paint and clear coat. A body shop can remove the blemishes, but the paint and clear coat aren't baked under the same parameters that the factory uses. I would definately say live with it, as they aren't hurting your truck any.


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May 11, 2002
Royal Oak, Michigan
I would say live with it. It would cost a ton to get those panels repainted. I also have black, and I know what you mean about the little things bothering you. But they do look the best when clean.


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Aug 30, 2002
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When I got my AV it had two deep gouges in the tailgate. The dealership fixed it and you can't even tell now. They DID not redo the whole tailgate, just the infected area. I tried real hard to see where they matched up the paint, but I couldn't. I was just looking for an excuse to have them redo it.

If it was me, I would talk to them and see if they thought they could fix it. If it is a new AV this will be covered under warranty. At least mine was handled that way.

A GOOD Body man can do wonders with paint.


I guess I will go against the trend here with some advice. I have a black AV but whatever problems existed with the paint, I had my detailer "hide" them.

Now I just bought a black Corvette. A few areas on this car had issues. The car had 3 miles on it when I picked it up and it had what looked like swirl marks from an orbital buffer or something. The thing is when I picked the car up it was still "wrapped in plastic" and the car had never been detailed. ANYWAYS, my detailer looked at it and thought he could bury most of it but that the problem will always be there.

I called my friend (dealer owner) who sold me the car and talked to them about it. We agreed that we should have my detailer try to buff it out and if I wasn't happy with the results, he would get the area service manager to take a look at it and see if it was a manuf. defect.

So I guess the bottom line is if it really bothers you that you paid that much for your ride and its not perfect, escalate it to mgmt.. The worst that can happen it that they tell you to take a hike and you are right back where you are now. :cool:

I just hate having these little problems. Everytime I would walk by that spot on the vehicle I would stare at it! :rolleyes:


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Jan 17, 2002
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It happens...I have a few blemishes in my paint under the clearcoat...I have the Light Pewter metallic so it is harder to notice.....

Your spots will always be there if they are under the clear..only one way to remove them is to sand entire panel until they get to the color coat..then they have to sand away blemish and then reapply another color coat then top with more clear....It will never look like the factory job..it will either look better (great body shop) or worse....they will have a hard time matching the factory orange peel so it will stand out....

Waxing or applying sealant will make these spots stand out more....

I would live with them for fear they do more damage correcting problem.