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Got My Cafe Press Gear...


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
I must say that overall I'm happy. The whole process from order to delivery, using standard delivery took exactly one week. My goods arrived via 2-day mail, and I received an e-mail that let me know when my order was shipped.

I ordered a microfiber hat in white, two tote bags, and a long sleeve t-shirt.

First the tote bags. They are roughly 15 X 15 and canvas. The printing process left a square "halo" so to speak on the white canvas of off-white where the logo is. From a distance you can't tell, but it shows up close. The bags are good quality and the URL on the other side fits nice (although it too is haloed). I'm using them to organize stuff in my side compartments.

Next, the t-shirt. EXCELLENT quality. I ordered an X-large and even if it shrinks in the wash, it will still fit. Right now it is very loose on me so I would describe it as very comfortable. The front printing with the bowtie and C.A.F.C.N.A. came out excellent. The back came out very well, but there appears to be a couple of tiny specs that didn't come out in the yellow.

Finally, the microfiber hat. I have three words, "BUY THE HAT." The hat is of outstanding quality. The material is very light and breathable on your head while the sun visor is stiff enough to cut tomatoes with. The printing process was outstanding and the velcro on the back (versus the little plastic clip things that break) is a nice touch. It truly is one size fits all as I've adjusted it to fit my 2-year-old (who came up to me going, "hat, hat, hat, hat, please, hat, please, please, please," when she saw me wearing it. She thought it was quite a hoot that it was her size (and I didn't get it back for a few hours).

Overall I'm very happy with what I ordered and the process. BTW - the folks who ordered the "hooded sweatshirts," all two of you, have very, very, very limited items. Cafe Press doesn't offer them anymore!
I've no complaints either - one T-shirt (to start with!) came in good order and in good shape. The yellow in the logo was a tad on the orange side compared to what I expected, but that's a non-issue in my opinion.

If you haven't ordered stuff - - DO SO! Support the club both financially and in terms of exposure!
I still have not received my club Sticker yet. It has been 2 weeks. I'm in no rush just wondering how long it should take