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Got Some New Pics


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Mar 10, 2002
:B:i finally got pics of my Av :B:
tell me what u think besides the dings in the fenders from stinkin rocks :8: because i was going 90mph on a gravel road :rolleyes:
mmmmm ???
I went to your album, and it showed that there were 6 picts in the Av album, but none would show up when I clicked on it. ?Is it just my piece of junk pc :rolleyes:

Ok, their working now
Nice truck....and the brush bar looks good as well....I would feel sorry for any deer that got caught in your headlights.... :B:
thanks for the comments no i dont have any more mods Yet but im gonna get a K&N FIPK and some exhaust i havent decided yet and Amber DRL's and some day some American racing rims and BFGoodwrench All Terrain T/A's then ill be set :B: