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Greetings From Cali Newbie



hello all.

great site, thanx for all the tips. finally got my 02 Leftover. just cant beat 0% for 60mos :)

pewter z71,power graphite sport cloth,convenience pkg,assist steps (probably sell).

31,920 + tax and license, im not complaining.

greetings to XRover with whom i share the same name.


Your toughest part is over...now comes the real fun and spending some hard earned cash into making your junkyard dog.....vicious.....start with the basics.....breathe easy and welcome aboard.. :B:
Welcome to the club....now get amber DRLs
intake and exhaust, billet grill and brushed bowtie will be first. is there anything to do about making the lights brighter? our other car has HID's and the av's headlights are obviously dull in comparison.

also where is the best place to get all this stuff? believe it or not this is our first american auto :)


Check the mod section...nice thread at top with some links to other threads

XROVER did HID mod....others change to siulverstar bulbs....and change fogs to 50w bulb too....

Check them out and search for others...tons of mods done already...

Welcome to the CAFCNA. First challenge, memorize those letters! A lot shorter than typing out Chevy Avalance Fan Club of North America! <grin>

Regarding your question about mods, Skidd, our fellow member down under (Australia) prepared a great post which has links to vast number of subjects: Click on the link below to see all the subjects. Thank you Skidd for this great reference!

FAQ's and links to all those mods


?Chatting away at the CAFCNA

Xrovers HIDS look great and really light up the place....if your not looking at spending that kind of cash because it could get pricey....look into just getting some replacements....I have the Piaa for the lows..and they look very cool..... :B:
sacramento. ?

this is my first truck, im guessing that its normal to want to drive into every field i see - ?hard to resist i tell ya.


o and thanks for the warm fuzzy welcomes :p