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Had a chance wildlife encounter

Sarge E5 USMC

Full Member
Oct 4, 2006
I've always been partial to birds of prey, and if I ever hit the lottery, I'm gonna become a wildlife rehabilitator for the state.
I was drivin down the road the other day, over by the high school, when I spotted a red tailed hawk on the ground.. It was raining, and I turned around to check on it. Got out of the truck, went right up to it and all it did was look at me. Perched on a dead branch on the ground, soaking wet. I sat there and talked to it for half an hour. It let me get right next to it. Inches away. It never took its eyes off me. Then it just hopped off the branch and ran away.
Too wet to fly? I donno. I've never seen one on the ground much less gotten that close to one in the wild. I was awe struck.
I want one. " See my parrot."  Schitt........"See my HAWK!!""
No camera, no pictures, just the memory.
I've since stashed a camera in the truck.
:cool: story

Maybe the dead branch on the ground was a dead branch in the tree before you arrived, they fell together and he was stunned?