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Hand-delivered A Brochure At Amoco, Eagan, MN


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Feb 27, 2002
Twin Cities, MN
While giving the Av a fresh 30 gallons of petrol, a white Z71 pulled up behind me. Briefly explained the club purpose and mission. Handed him a brochure and he said "we have a club ?... cool! I don't know whether or not he'll visit but he seemed interested.

I was in the Rochester area over the holiday weekend. One of my relatives was driving us around all weekend. I expected to see some AVs, thinking they would be really popular in MN. We didn't see one all weekend, except at a Chevy dealer. :( I guess everyone went away for the holiday.
That has been my experience as well. I see usually one a day on the road (30 mile round trip on the interstate to-and-from work). I have only personally met one other Av owner.