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Handed A Brochure On I90 Between Helena/Missoula


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Apr 14, 2002
Pacific Northwet
I handed a brochure out while stopped at a road repair site on west bound I90 between Helena and Missoula on Tuesday, July 16th. While stopped, an equipment operator working to my left leans out of his cab and says "how do you like your Avalanche?" After telling him about how much I like it, he motions to the other side of me (at my 3:00 o'clock) and tells me he had the first one in Montana! I was parked 20' away from his black Z71 and didn't even notice! He said he has had his since a year ago last June and has 55,000 miles on it already! That is not a typo. Fiftyfive thousand miles. He said he loves it and didn't mention any problems. Anyone here match 55,000 miles?
That's some serious use for just over a year! Would be curious to hear his experience as he has obviously been everywhere with it.

You aren't kiddin'! He was about 80 miles out of Helena. Operating equipment on road crews I imagine he has long commutes. It's easy putting down the hammer and eating the miles up in Montana. No one looks twice at you if you are going 85mph. I drove about 1500 miles while in Montana this past week and never saw a stater on the open road.