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Have I Lost My Mind?


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Jan 23, 2002
Great Mills, MD
Bought a White 2002 Z-71 in September of 2001. Sport Leather, assist steps, nothing too fancy. No trouble to report, great truck.

Now I am on the verge of trading it in for a Yellow 2003 Z-71. Why?

1. Dual zone heat / air controls. My wife is driving me nuts either too hot or too cold.

2. Front airbag override. Can't go to Lowes now with just the boy and get something that requires the mid-gate to be down.

3. Yellow color - after I got my White Z-71, at least 4 others appeared in the area. White is by far the most popular Avalanche color around here. Haven't seen a yellow one yet. I also like the darker cladding.

4. Steering wheel audio controls / trip computer.

5. Full leather w/heat - didn't get that on the '02, wish I had.

6. Powerfolding mirrors - managed to scrape the passenger mirror in a parking garage (fortunately very minor damage).

7. XM radio - where I live, radio reception sucks.

8. 0% 60 month financing. When I bought my '02 the best deal was 4.9% at 60 months (couldn't swing the 36 month payments with a new house). I figure I will make back part of what I am losing on the '02 by not having to pay any interest on the '03.

The '03 deal is not a sure thing, inventory is pretty low and the one my dealer found somewhere else may have sold over the weekend...I'll find out today if it is still available. Ordering one would probably kick me out of the window for number 8.

Two questions - first, am I nuts?

Second, those of you with sunroofs...any problems? The yellow '03 has one. Ever car I've owned with a sunroof has leaked sooner or later. Despite the possible rapid turn around of my '02, I tend to keep vechiles for a long time...my previous vehicle was a 94 S-10. Wifes 92 Saturn was replaced by a 2000 Saturn (which is now paid off, woot).


You're not nuts at all, well, at least as far as this question is concerned...

I was considering the same thing for some of the same reasons - darker cladding, dual zone HVAC, power mirrors, 0%, etc. The only thing that stopped me was that I find I *really* like my Indigo Blue color and my Av is *exactly* the one I wanted with no compromises on anything. I was having a hard time finding a suitable replacement other than ordering one built. If you can find just the truck you want I'd say go for it!
There is nothing wrong with being nuts, or losing your mind occasionally. GO FOR IT!
Losing owns mind is a large issue. It is based on many subjects. If you were single, this topic would not even be discussed. Since you have other responsibilities you ask yourself the question: Have I lost my mind?".
If you can afford the $$ than go for it! Do not settle on anything less than what you deserve. Just do what you have to do to support your decision without it affecting your other responsibilities.

Good luck

p.s. Ask yourself this- Do i look good in yellow?

My two cents on color:

We too are looking at an '03 at 0%. Yellow caught my attention, but we wonder whether we will like it for 8-10 years. We doubt it. I think there can be a change in taste from late 20's to late 30's, but who knows! We're thinking light pewter now. Good luck, and no, you are not nuts!

I love the yellow but be aware IT is going to be a one year only color, at least that is what I have read here. I have a Lt Pewter '02 now and it hides road dirt well and will be a popular color for a long time to come.

NOT REALLY! I bought a white '02 Z71 in September.
By the end of February '03, I took delivery of a yellow '03, mostly for the identical reasons you stated, and haven't been a bit sorry.
Oh yeah, I lost the sunroof and picked up the heated leather instead. I had always owned convertables in the past and thought I needed the sunroof. NOT!
I'd probably be more inclined to get the SOM rather than the yellow, seems to be a fad color.....nothing wrong with it though. Just make sure it's a color you can live with for the next 5 or so years.

If you can afford to get it then by all means, I like the '02 cladding color rather than the '03 because I don't think the darker cladding looks good with the lighter colors, but that's just IMHO.

Get what you want though, in the end, it'll be you behind the wheel...


I don't think your Nuts!! If I could afford to get a Yellow 03 I certaintly would. However it is not getting a new 03 that is the problem... for me it is affording the new lift/tires/exhaust that i already have on mine.

Yellow "might" be a fad as wonder stated BUT you will stand out in a crowd and will not be part of the bazillions of owners with standard colors. (y)
flynhigh said:
Yellow "might" be a fad as wonder stated BUT you will stand out in a crowd and will not be part of the bazillions of owners with standard colors. (y)

If yellow were to be discontinued in 2004, so much the better. :)

I got a white 2002 mostly by default...I really liked the red but my last two vehicles (going back to 1987) were red...I needed a change. I liked the light pewter but the wifes Saturn is the same color. Loved the blue but didn't want the constant pain trying to keep a dark colored truck clean / looking clean.

Still haven't heard back from my dealer on the '03 availability so it might be a moot point anyhow.

Anyone got any good intel on what is coming for '04?

UPDATE...the deed is all but done. I pick up the new Av on Friday. At least the wife acts like she understands...

Thanks all for the opinions. Now on to the mods!

I am very happy with my Indigo Blue and the mods I have made to it but your reasons are sound and justified and I'd have to say --- just do it!!! Good luck whatever choice you make! :)
I kept my 02 a little over a year and then went for an 03 in January of this year. You'll really appreciate the dual zone climate control.