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Headrest DVD players installed


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May 22, 2007
Coastal Georgia (Dayum Yankee in good standing)
Vehicle:  2007 LT3 (2WD) Avalanche. Two tone leather interior, black and chasmere.

Mod:  Install black headset (10 1/2 inch) DVD players. See link from who I purchased these from below.


Time: Two hours total.

Skill level:  Moderate.

Parts used; 10 1/2 inch Headrest DVD players, two electrical connectors, various wire wraps, electricians tape to cover plug and play connections.

Total cost; (rounded off)  $555.00 (personal install-add if you have someone install them)

Works great! We did slave the passenger to the drivers headrest DVD, but each can run independently as well. Greatly impressed with the quality of the sets. Great sound through the IR headsets and through plugged in headsets.
Video quality is fantastic.

Install:  We encountered absolutely NO problems, it's pretty straight forward.

Remove OEM headsets,
Install DVD headsets-posts are width adjustable,
Tap power into the rear socket,
Plug and play connections for audio and video, this is where we slaved the passenger headset to the drivers. Again, EACH can run independent of the other if two DVD's want to be watched. If one is wanted to be viewed on both headsets, use only the drivers headset DVD player.

The largest amount of time was carefully taking apart the center divider and taping into the rear power outlet. Then neatly tucking and plastic wire wrapping the headset hookups away from the power seats.

Button it all back up and waalaa..DVD players in the headsets.



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(y) Contrast between the tan seats and the black head rests are striking, I haven't seen that before. Nice job!
Nice job looks good.  (y)
wow, those are huge.  my 7" ones seem too big with the seats all the way back.  how are these?
I have tried to take some pictures of the DVD's playing, hope they show all that are interested that the picture is absolutely great.

I didn't mention before, but they are readily adaptable for PS3 etc.


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