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Headrest Removal



Help.. :8: How do you take the headrest out without just taking the top of the headrest off. I need to get the headrest legs out along with the headrest itself.
Do a search for 360 days for headrest. To remove them just insert a small nail or hex wrench in the holes where headrests go into seats. There is a small release inside, you will feel it depress, do one side at a time.
Man...you guys are fast. I did do a search but I guess I didn't go back far enough. :rolleyes: I will remember to do that next time.
Thanks (y)
If you do the headrest search, you will find a mod to make headrest removal a very simple and toolless thing. Basically after you get the headrest out you will need to file the very last notch to a 45 degree angle like all the other notches. Very simple and effective. :B:
The mod for the head rest, tooless removal, takes about ten minutes with a file. It is one of the handiest simple mods I have made. If you are tall and keep your seat back, it makes dropping the rear seat a cinch. Just pop out the rear headrests and store them under the front seat out of the way.
XROVERS filing the rear headrest is the most functional mod!!!!

Makes folding the seats easier....you do not have to move the front seats anymore...

THANK YOU AGAIN Xrover for this TOP 5 Mod!!!! :love: