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Height Of 02 With Roof Rack.


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Jan 23, 2002
New Jersey
Has any one actually measured their 02 with a roof rack? I have had the Av. for almost 1-1/2 years and never bothered to check the Height on it. There are a few places with parking decks that I have to go to and there is to much snow to bother measuring now.
6'2" - with a roof rack you need at leat 6' 4" of clearance - however 6'4" is NOT enough clearance for your radio antenna. To have atrue margin of safety you need 6'5"... ;D
The antenna wouldn't be an issue because I replaced it with a shorter rubber Euro type. All the literature that Chevy put out gives heights. The problem is it doesn't state weather its with a roof rack or without. I was kind of figureing it was without the rack because the rack is an option.