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Hello Everybody!!



New to the AV group. Lease was over on our 97' Tahoe and went shopping for a new one. My wife and I loved the Avalanche so we got one. ;D A White North Face Edition. Can't wait to get some mods done. Some of you have great trucks, I mean Activity Vehicles. :D I will try to get pic's posted soon
Welcome aboard...you've come to the right place!! :B: The only place in the world where an Avalanche is a "good" thing....
irontrain said:
Welcome to the club Wet Spot,calling the Av a truck is cool by me. ;D

I call mine a truck too. I've had trucks since 1987 and this is the best one and the most versitile yet!

Hey Guys,

Here is a pic to start things off with ;D

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