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Hello, Just About Ready To Take The Plunge!


Full Member
Jul 25, 2002
Oklahoma City, OK
Does anyone know the gms/gmo price of the 2003 av's?

I'm getting the certificate from my brother in about a month. Probably gonna order it so i can save some money. plus i recently graduated college, hopefully i'm eligable for the extra 400, and i got 1050 in gm credit card/cash.

Any Info is appreciated.


andrew (y)
Do a search for GMO or GMS. Recently somebody posted a link, that let's a family member look up prices as long as they know the SSN of the employee.

Also, maybe your brother can find the address to the site.

I haven't checked it out, but you know I willl when we get our next car! Ain't GMO/GMS great! I especially liked it four years ago when we got my Blazer: They were offering GMS pricing on year-end leftovers that were already on the lot! (y)

-- SS