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HELP! I Did Something Really Dumb



First and foremost, I am proud to apart of this forum. I have been visiting for quite some time, and unfortunately my first post is something I screwed up on. I was installing a radio, and someone told that if you take the stock gm delco out it will not work when you put it back in due to theft protection, and to disconnect the pcm when you unhook it. I took out various ign 0/pcm fuses, and started my truck. None of the gauges worked, and the SES light came on. After replacing the fuse, the light stays on. I took it to AutoZone to see what error codes it was throwing. The guy at autozone said it is a code only the dealership uses to detect odometer fraud, and only the dealership can reset it. Is this true? I really don't want any hassles, but I really didn't do anything wrong besides being dumb. So I'm not really worried, but should I be. And can I reset the SES light myself. I tried unhookin the battery but it stayed on
Thanks in advance for any input
I am a dealership kind of guy. I do not trust myself to do window tint , radio replacement, alarm install, and stuff like that on a new truck. If autozone said a dealership needs to reset it I would take it to thje dealership. I would tell them the hole story and They might just fix it free..... I know after I got my first oil change the light came on about 500 miles later to change my oil.. I took it back to them and they told and showed me how to fix that free.... so if you can talk to your dealership and get them to do it free I would go that way. But hey how much can it cost to reset something??? 30 min of labor..... $20.00... so look into that....

have a great day.

It went off on its own. heres a pic of my oversized baby by the way:

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trudawg said:
It went off on its own. heres a pic of my oversized baby by the way:
Weird codes have a way of re-setting in a few miles, more like warnings - I wouldn't worry about it unless it comes back.